Near the top of must-see and hear indie singer-songwriters.”

Glide Magazine

His eccentricities and musical detours are exactly what makes this album most appealing.” - Declan Culliton

Lonesome Highway

‘The Wheel Still in Spin’ is an album that warrants repeated listening, and will hopefully expose James Houlahan to a broader audience hungry for adventurous folk music – grounded, yet brave enough to wade into the deep end of experimentation.” - Mike Elliott

Americana UK

Personal yet universal, introspective and dreamlike.”

The Daily Country

Paints a stunning romanticized vision of the West.” - Krissy Brown

Cowboys & Indians Magazine

His record is simultaneously forlorn as it is warm and enveloping. ” - Alex Gallacher

Folk Radio

Houlahan is one of those gifted songwriters which has to write, has to play and has to sing. It doesn’t matter if anyone’s listening or not. He going to sing for himself first, if there are ten, 100, or 1,000 listeners in front of him even better. He’s going to sing his songs regardless.” - King Cliché

Innocent Words

[Houlahan’s] songwriting eccentricities add serious vibrance to the mosaic. James seems to be a veritable encyclopedia of folk music, ranging from traditional to futuristic, comforting to wonderfully strange…his entries are extraordinary no matter which folk/American direction he goes in. This is the kind of music that any craver of pure songwriting prowess is bound to enjoy.” - MW

Music Morsels

If you like Tom Waits, Neil Young and Townes Van Zandt, then chances are big you will become a fan of James Houlahan.” - Mr. Blue Boogie


As the album title [Multitudes] implies, Houlahan embraces the wide view of americana. He trips through gothic alt-country, warped Dixieland and a serious side of southern fried on the first three songs, and then he really takes off.” - Jon Worley

Aiding & Abetting

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