1. Song for Janis

From the recording Song for Janis


Blues angel, fallen starGone before we know all that you areYou blazed a path where none could followRest your head tonightTexas beauty, voice of lightyou shook the shadows in the heart of nightI feel you now in a Hollywood dazeRest your head tonightchasing Fortune, Lady Chancein the chaos, you found a way to danceplease take these words until you find a homeRest your head tonightmother’s calling, father’s goneall that music seems to carry onbury now the pain that cuts deepRest your head tonightburning brilliant Hope against the darkyou tread these highways and left us your markas an offering I leave you this songRest your head tonight
(From the album "misfit hymns")
music & lyrics by James Houlahan
published by Gumbo Luvah Music