1. Paper Man

From the recording Paper Man


The paper man says to buy her roses,
that pretty colors work but in small doses
and ever since he’s stumbled on that feeling
he hasn’t had that much more left to deal with
it’s taking all his time
The sad-eyed girl tells me that she loves me
but needs to be alone with her family
all she seems to trust is her own sorrow
and how to make it last through each tomorrow
it’s taking all her time
The broken man who said he owned an airplane
painted red and white like a candy cane
felt he had the need to explain his passion
and fly that metal bird with a sense of fashion
it’s taking all his time
The traffic cop she waves me through the red light,
I’m ducking down to avoid her eyesight
Nothing she could do would ever make things different
there’s got to be enough room for every accident
it’s taking all her time
the melodies they come and go at random
and listening becomes an act of abandon
when all I want to do is change the music
before my heart gives out and I just lose it
it’s taking all my time
(From the album Seven Years Now)
music & lyrics by James Houlahan
published by Gumbo Luvah Music