1. The Rogue Song

From the recording The Rogue Song


On the rattlesnake trail 
where I Iost my youth
I threw all of my chips in
for a beautiful truth
There's a fire all around me
And it's burning so bright
Well it swallowed up the day
and it's working on the night
I am a rogue and a gambler
Forty-nine years of trouble to my name
Bound down the road of a lonely sorrow
Bound like a moth to the flame
With my head against the wall
I beat a rhythm in time
Pounding out the rattles of
a glorious rhyme
There's a woman in my mind
and she's fading out of sight
she's staked out all the claims
on the one true light
there's a weary kind of wanting
that is tearing me apart
staring down the barrel
of a loveless art
frozen on the page
of a long forgotten hymn
it's washed out in the sunrise
and strangled in the din
Do I contradict myself?
well so let it be
like the angels in the heavens
I got symmetry
Multitudes pouring out 
from every side
There's a rumble in the earth
There's a music in the sky
(From the album Multitudes)
music & lyrics by James Houlahan
published by Gumbo Luvah Music