1. See Me Through

From the recording See Me Through


Well I wrote myself another sad sad song, like I do, 
just to pass the time, there it goes
i met her down in a basement bar with a friend
she said she went there sometimes, yes she did
well i took that stage and i sang my tune, like i know
and the night was fine, yes it was
and if i could count on you
i know you'd see me through
well i packed my bags and i said goodbye to my town
you know i do that sometimes, yes i do
highway miles how they came and went in the wind,
I'm making tracks for the coast, up ahead
well her hazel eyes in the motel nights of my mind
they put a spell on me, yes they did
pushin' through another fever dream on the road,
don't cross that line, keep it straight
but she danced and smiled in my weary head all the way
she helped to pass the time, yes she did
like a stowaway in my lonely heart where she slept
she made the highway bloom, bittersweet
(From the album Multitudes)
music & lyrics by James Houlahan
published by Gumbo Luvah Music