From the recording Mystery Earth Song


It was the night before my wedding day
Such as I've never told
A ghost appeared at my bedroom window
complaining of the cold
With a shackled eye and a furrowed brow
the words he spoke were bold:
"Fly away from your twisted fears,
Forget the dreams of old."
Away we flew into the night
as he held me tightly bound
A storm cloud rose in the sky ahead
and with fire it was crowned
A stinging wind was in my face
I heard an awful sound
And down, down, down we flew
through a doorway in the ground
swallowed up in a blinding light
that was both far and near
my body swelled with euphoria
and my mind, it was clear
the ghost my friend he bade goodbye
but still I felt no fear
the droning void was all around
like music in my ear
my eyes could sort among the din
such colors I could enjoy
a vision of a laughing girl
and a mirthful little boy
in a pulsing ring of blue-black flame
my heart was filled with joy
and from my chest grew a purple rose
that fire could not destroy
My head was wrapt in leafy vines
my legs were roots of stone
my arms were made as diamond wings
where feathers they had grown
my spine it hummed electricity
an antenna made of bone
and out through my every pore
the blinding light boldly shone
then i awoke to my earthly bed
in a grayish winter dawn
convinced that all my time below
was for me a picture drawn
and all my days and all my nights
I'll seek to labor on
this cryptic tale of unity
this overflowing mystery song
(From the album Multitudes)
music & lyrics by James Houlahan
published by Gumbo Luvah Music