From the recording Fallen Tree Song


dear little bird on highplease bend to hear my crythis old oak treehas fallen on mego tell the world what you seego tell the world what you seemy wings are good and strongand i will sing the songfrom every heightfrom noon to nighti'll tell the world of theei'll tell the world of theepray, fly, as storm clouds comei hear the thunder drumand cannot lastwhile held down fastbeneath this heavy treebeneath this heavy treewith a heavy heart i flythrough stormy bands of skyi'll fain to speakthough i grow weakto tell the world of theeto tell the world of theenow tell what word you've broughtdear bird, is rescue sought?in this cold and chillmy heart grows stillpray, have you news for me?pray, have you news for me?I flew both far and wideand from every perch I criedbut there was not a onewho said he’d cometo end your miseryto end your miseryoh woe is lonesome meto face death’s honestyand alone with youI wish I knewa song to make me freea song to make me freecome join your voice with mineand sing with a heart sublimea verse that spinsthrough stormy windsin love with eternityin love with eternityin moonlit shadows softa song was borne aloftand through heavy snowthe winds did blowa hopeful melodya hopeful melody
(From the album "misfit hymns")
music & lyrics by James Houlahan
published by Gumbo Luvah Music