Dreamin' Ghosts




I’m dreamin’ ghosts that walk the hallways in my brain

They speak in silly tongues of rage

Electric shadows tease the lines across the floor

And the words they fall upon the page


And in the bedrooms of our mind

we cast a thousand dreams aside

we painted too grim a picture

It fell well short of what’s outside


Sorted tales of lovers left to their own fate

they always rhyme like a song

an ocean flowing down and through your frozen heart

where I am weak and you are strong


And as the sun dips below the tide

All this folly brings to bear

a leaden weight that grows and hangs upon my back

your love leaves nothing left to spare


With you I seem to rise against the boring dark

It shudders deep within my bones

Together now we dive into the swirling blue

Disappear in froth and foam


And as we’re borne inside the tide

through maze on maze of murky deep

I whisper in your ear my only wish

Your only promise left to keep


(From the album Seven Years Now)

music & lyrics by James Houlahan

published by Gumbo Luvah Music