New videos! Radio play! First L.A. show!

Three awesome bits of news for you! The new album "misfit hymns" is getting some airplay on college radio, including CRAM in Toronto, Ontario...where it is #18 on their Top 30 this week! Thank you, Canada!

Also, brand spankin' new videos have been released today of several songs from the new album. They were produced by DeSant Productions in Somerville, MA. Here is the video for "Ben Riley":

James Houlahan - Ben Riley from DeSant Productions on Vimeo.


You can also check out videos for "Fallen Tree Song" and "Red Knife Mountain"...

Finally, my first show as an L.A. resident is next week! Friday, 3/23, 8pm at Red Rock bar in West Hollywood... If you are in the area, or know those who are, please feel free to spread the word. Thanks!