Movie music & local shows

I spent yesterday with composer Ryan Rapsys recording music for the short film "Wind Song." (You can watch a brief trailer here: It will feature a new original song ("With You Gone") and perhaps a couple of other tunes of mine. I have to say, one of the reasons I wanted to move out west was to explore how I could integrate my music and songs with movies. So I'm totally excited to be a part of this project! Working in the area of film is a totally new, challenging, and exhilarating experience!

Speaking of exhilaration, recent shows with my band (Erik Kristiansen on guitar, T-Roy on drums, and Dave Leggett on bass) have been awesome, face-melting celebrations. The more we play, the more we are connecting musically, and it's really thrilling to see it all develop on stage. We will be at Molly Malone's on Tuesday, July 23. I'll also be playing an intimate solo show later that week at Cafeina Galeria in Silver Lake. I have the pleasure of sharing the stage with two of the most exceptionally talented songwriters and performers I've heard since moving to L.A.: Kail Baxley and Derek Carter. This will be a small, friendly show so please show up early for this one to guarantee admission. Please see the Live Show Calendar for all the details. See you out there!