A November...to remember...!

It looks like 2013 is far from over, if this current month is any proof. Following the L.A. premiere of the film, "Wind Song," we are pleased to announce the release of a new Houlahan song, "With You Gone," written expressly for the film! The song is available here and at your favorite digital music retailer/service. Produced by Ryan Rapsys, the song explores themes from the film such as grief and loss, mourning and hope.

James will also be making his debut this month at one of the best rooms in L.A. for singer/songwriters: Room 5 Lounge. Thursday, November 21, James will sharing the stage with Pat Dowd for an intimate evening of song in one of the best venues around. Also, James will be joined by his band for an electrifying set at Rafa's Art Lounge Gallery in Echo Park on November 29! They will be following the last performance of the Friday-night November residency of the rock opera FEAL! This is an event not to be missed! Please see the Live Show Calendar for all the details.