Fires of Mercy




Well the moonlight tonight is like fire

upon the dark face of the lake

where I held you, and drowned you,

and left you for dead

and now your ghost wanders my head


for three years I followed you closely

a stranger so lost in the crowd

but my devil was dreaming

an evil he spread

like a river it flooded my head


your kindness was not lost upon me

your smile it brightened the gloom

and slowly I found you

as I followed the thread

with a desert wind burning my head


And as I held you under

your eyes they bulged with alarm

and your back it was arching

as your spirit it fled

like a serpent it swallowed my head


Now my body is burning with sorrow

deep down in the well of my gut

where burning the dark

there's a merciful spark

where the tears they stream out of my heart

where the tears they stream out of my heart


(From the album Multitudes)

music & lyrics by James Houlahan

published by Gumbo Luvah Music