New World Blues




Busted angel with tattooed eyes
Sparks falling out of his head
Riding his horse through a twisted land
Where everything was dead

And in his mind the enduring sign
Of a song that would never fade
Born in fear and raised in war
Just begging to be played

The sun beat down on his weary horse
Skin hanging off of the bone
And on they went through valleys scarred
And rubble made of stone

Rumors lay by the side of the road
making promises right from the start
But our hero kept his eyes out looking for
A dead man’s broken heart

Passing through another burnt out town
Where the alleys smoke and wheeze
There was a girl leaning out her door
Saying “excuse me, if you please,

Tell them all that we tried our best
But the night it grew too long
Some of us were hoping we
Could join him in his song:

Ooh he’s gone
But a little part of him
Will live on

(From the album "misfit hymns")

music & lyrics by James Houlahan

published by Gumbo Luvah Music